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Malakai Shaw

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Malakai Shaw Empty Malakai Shaw

Post by Malakai Shaw on Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:55 pm

Malakai Shaw Ian-and-the-ted


Name: Malakai Jordan Shaw
Nicknames: Kai
Titles: Owner
Date of Birth: March 20, 1993
Age: 27
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: England
Current Home: England
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 10. cherry, unicorn hair


Hair Color: Raven
Hair Style: Straight, casual
Eye Color: Icy blue
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 5,11
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Clothing Style: Casual, mostly in dark clothes but he is usually dressed casual or comfy, nothing special really. Only dresses in a suit for special occasions.


Malakai is a sarcastic, cunning, and protective person. He doesn't like when people test him when it comes to areas that should not be touched or even talked about, he is very protective of his younger siblings and will go to Azakban if anyone dares go near them to hurt them. He has his moments of being loveable and generous but you'd have to gain his trust for that to happen, he doesn't trust a lot of people outside his inner circle. Kai is basically a loner when alone, he just wants time to himself to either stuff his face with junk or to just think about life when it comes to those times where he needs a breather. Kai isn't really a secretive person, he hid something from his mother when he was sixteen and that was when he stole galleons to buy himself something but she had found out so it is out of the bag. He likes his siblings, girls, junk food (at times), his job. His main dislike is his mother.


Life for Malakai wasn't always easy, he had to fight for what he really wanted, he needed to prove himself to his mother from time to time because she always thought her kids would let her down. When Malakai was young, maybe around eleven or twelve his father was murdered and it broke Kai to pieces. He was always close with his father and always learned Quidditch and always wanted to play for a professional team when he got older, but when his father died his love for Quidditch died with him. All those times he went to games and just talked Quidditch with his dad it was gone and the once little boy who dreamed to make his father proud and play for a professional team, it died with him. It crushed him but he knew it was for the best, his mother didn't share his love for Quidditch so there was no point in actually playing for a team.

When Kai graduated Hogwarts he moved out of his home to be away from his nagging mother, he loved her in some ways but she was bloody annoying to him. Kai kept in touch with his siblings but he just couldn't be with his mother anymore, it was too much. When he hit the age of 24 he opened up his own club with his buddy helping here and there, but it was mostly his and his alone.
Malakai Shaw
Malakai Shaw
Club Owner
Club Owner

Alias : Caroline
Posts : 44
Blood Status : Pureblood
occupation : Owner
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Faction : Order of Phoenix
face claim : Ian Somerhalder

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Malakai Shaw Empty Re: Malakai Shaw

Post by Indigo Macmillan on Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:41 am

Indigo Macmillan
Indigo Macmillan
University Student
University Student

Alias : Violet
Posts : 191
Blood Status : Pureblood
occupation : Charms Student
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Neutral
face claim : Tom Glynn-Carney

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