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Ventisette Siblings wanted!!!

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Ventisette Siblings wanted!!! Empty Ventisette Siblings wanted!!!

Post by Esme Ventisette on Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:25 pm

Okay guys!! So I have decided that Esme's siblings should exists XD, so we're starting off with the oldest Ventisette, ---- Ventisette (Older brother), age: 23 (1997), he was disowned by his father for being gay at age 18, he was in love with another man who was his friend.. Esme is not allowed to talk to him but she secretly writes and vice versa when she is at Hogwarts cause if not then her father burns the letters. All if his inheritance was taken away and the mother tried sticking up for him but to no avail.. The fc is entirely up to you but if you need an idea in a way, Summer Fontana is Esme fc, first name is also up to you..
- Taken by Fira
---- Ventisette (Older sister), age: 21 (1999), she is the second oldest of the Ventisette clan, she is also the second one to get disowned by her father, when she was 16 years old she got pregnant by her boyfriend and when she told her father he was furious that she was pregnant before marriage, he took away her inheritance and threw her out on the street.. She writes to Esme as well when at Hogwarts since the letters will get burned if not.. She moved in with her older brother.. Fc is up to you along with the name..

---- Ventisette (Older brother), age: 17 (2003), he is the third oldest of the Ventisette clan, he was also disowned by his father for coming out as bisexual, his father didn't want to be an embarrassment when it came to his family name, so he disowned his last son/child who dared disappoint him in life, took away all of his inheritance and threw him out on the streets.. Like his older sister, he was taken in by his older brother when thrown out.. Fc is up to you along with the name  Esme profile for ideas
Esme Ventisette
Esme Ventisette
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