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Development Prompt #1

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Development Prompt #1 Empty Development Prompt #1

Post by Rosemary Dursley on Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:48 pm

These prompts are intended to help you delve into your character's mind and find out more about them. If the prompts weren't created by one of the admins, the source will always be linked.

This prompt is focusing specifically on the different writing point of views. I personally enjoy exploring 1st and 2nd person whenever I'm devising a new character as it allows me to figure out how they are as a person better through their experiences while also finding their voice.

Imagine your character had just received very startling news. This could be anything from something relatively mundane to something extremely devastating. Explore your character's feelings through all of the POVs to see how their voice and narration varies. At least 150 words for each.

Reminder of the POVs:

1st - I, We
2nd - You, Your
3rd- She, He, They, *Name*
Rosemary Dursley
Rosemary Dursley
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