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don’t throw things (chloe)

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don’t throw things (chloe) Empty don’t throw things (chloe)

Post by Nemesis Jetson on Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:10 am

Nemmy had been walking around outside after classes one day with her arms crossed. She in many words hated Hogwarts. Because she in words knew how many people lived here and it was good for gossip. But she hated that she felt like Narks had watched her. Just give her another reason to be annoyed by her parents who felt didn’t care she existed.

So she walked with her arms crossed and walked right to the Black Lake but as she was walking she felt something hit her. She turned with a glare. “Who did that! It’s incredibly rude for someone to hit someone with something.” she said looking around.

This person was going to get it.

@“Chloe Ramirez”
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Nemesis Jetson
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Slytherin Fourth Year

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