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Me Myself and I (Oneshot)

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Me Myself and I (Oneshot) Empty Me Myself and I (Oneshot)

Post by Jaxon Fulton on Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:28 pm

When Jaxon got permission to go to Hogsmeade, he did not waste anytime before making a v-line to the first bar that he saw. Ordering a pint with his fake I'd, and downed it in a couple gulps. Damn did he miss alcohol, damn all the rules that he had to follow, the day was just going to be about him.

After a few pints in he decided to hit the town, walking around, he hit on several woman before he chose one and wrapped an arm around her and brought her to another bar. Where he ordered another drink, "Hey girl, tell me about yourself? You have such a nice booty," he said as he smacked it. His eyes went to her chest and could not help but grope them, 'damn they are firm,' he thought as he continued to play with them, earning him a smack across the face. Jax watched her leave and whistled after her.

Jax stumbled out of that bar and whistled at several other woman, before one came over to him. He pulled her into a kiss and to his surprise she kissed him back and told him that she had a room. "Sorry girl, you are pretty but I am not into you like that," he said as he just left her wanting more but not going to get it. An official from the ministry showed up and he was out of sight as quickly as he could, he knew that he was supposed to be back at Hogwarts hours ago but he did not care, he was having fun.and was actually feeling like himself. After another half hour he was finally caught and sent back to Hogwarts, as that was what the officials were told to do with him.
Jaxon Fulton
Jaxon Fulton
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Slytherin Sixth Year

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