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new school fun (molly)

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new school fun (molly) Empty new school fun (molly)

Post by Nina Kozlova on Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:35 am

Nina was definitely finding Hogwarts to be a school that seemed much more open-minded and the Halloween festivities had Nina excited even if she preferred throwing knives. And in ways practicing to be an assassin. But she saw that Hogwarts offered more for the Russian and thought she’d go to the Haunted House first.

Making her way over to the group of people who had been standing outside. She saw someone and she went up and she asked. “Are you waiting in line too?” with her eyebrow raised hoping to have someone join her on this endeavor.

@“Molly Weasley II”

new school fun (molly) Giphy
Nina Kozlova
Nina Kozlova
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Gryffindor Fifth Year

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