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strip off (open) Empty strip off (open)

Post by Fred Weasley II on Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:41 pm

This tree. This fecking toad of a tree. He hated it as a student, and he hated it more now that he had to deal with it. As a Weasley, he was aware of the mechanism needed to freeze the tree in its place; but the problem was that he couldn't get near enough to the blasted thing to actually use it. Wizards could probably use charms, or something. He donned a helmet.

The tree shed its leaves all at once, and now he was expected to clear them for Professor Belvedere. The guy didn't know about his... predicament (about not actually being able to use magic) but he didn't want to say 'no' or ask for help. His dignity wouldn't let him. He'd tackle this.

Fred Weasley II
Fred Weasley II
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Hogwarts Staff Member

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Post by Daphne Cavendish on Fri Nov 29, 2019 12:44 am

Daphne had been doing a nightly walk, because she needed to get out of the school. Giving students detention was boring, because she couldn't torture them. Even though she wished that she could do just what Dolores Umbridge did, and when she thought of how nice it would sound hearing the students wine because she loved to know she was doing her job.

Walking down from the castle, she had spotted the gamekeeper. The witch knew this kid got expelled and she talked from behind. "You know it's sad, the school gives you the shit jobs." she said in a fake sympathic tone, and she said. "I'd definitely talk to Snape, about giving you better jobs. Then again pretty sure you ruined that." she smirked in a taunting tone.

Despite having been expelled herself, this guy got the shitty end.

@Fred Weasley II
Daphne Cavendish
Daphne Cavendish
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Hogwarts Professor

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