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Dagger Vettel

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Dagger Vettel Empty Dagger Vettel

Post by Dagger Vettel on Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:31 pm

Dagger Vettel Tenor


Name: Killian "Dagger" Jason Vettel
Nicknames: Dagger, no one knows his real name but his best friend.. Not even the Professors only the head master
Titles: Heart throb, the god in bed, the sex machine, the player, the dick head, the ass hole
Date of Birth: May 10, 2003
Age:  17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: London
Current Home: London
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 10, pine, phoenix feather


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Messy, short, whatever he feels like doing to it that day
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Muscular, fit
Height: 6,0
Other Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a snake on his neck
Clothing Style: Dark clothing, leather from time to time, combat boots


This one is very tricky, Dagger here is a complete and utter dick, he doesn't care about other's feelings but his own, he is very selfish when it comes to life and only cares about his own selfish needs. Dagger's only good quality is that he is extremely loyal but it's mostly to himself. Dagger basically thinks with his manhood more then his head, he is basically an utter asshole and doesn't care about anything if it doesn't involve him. He likes girls, snakes, being rude, being an asshole, and leather. He only dislikes kindness and fairness since he is such a hard head.

Dagger's only secret is how he was before Hogwarts. He was a loveable kid who was loved by his mother and father and from time to time his father called him Dagger so a year before he started school he officially went by Dagger and not his real name.


Dagger was loved and even loved in return when he was a child. He had two loving parents and a younger sister who he would do anything for. All was well and dandy until his mother and younger sister were killed in a car accident, his father had found out and had sat Dagger down to tell him. After his mother and sister died two years before he started Hogwarts, his father began drinking and sleeping around with random woman and even changed their life style. Dagger had been so upset that he had lashed out from time to time and even his father encouraged it because he didn't care. Dagger continued this way even when he began Hogwarts and brought his mischief ways to the halls of the corridors. Dagger lost his virginity at the age of thirteen when he was home for the summer and his father's prostitute brought over her seventeen year old daughter and they had their fun.

Since that day Dagger had become a complete and utter play boy when it came to girls. He'd seduce them and screw them before leaving them and ignoring them. Dagger even had five benefits when he was in his fifth year at Hogwarts. Dagger is the true definition of playboy and heart throb.
Dagger Vettel
Dagger Vettel

Alias : Caroline
Posts : 209
Blood Status : Pureblood
occupation : Student
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Faction : His own side
face claim : Jordan Connor

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Dagger Vettel Empty Re: Dagger Vettel

Post by Iris Parkinson on Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:15 pm


Dagger Vettel Giphy
Iris Parkinson
Iris Parkinson
Ravenclaw Seventh Year
Ravenclaw Seventh Year

Alias : Xaria
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occupation : Student
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
Relationship Status : Dating Keelin
Faction : Neutral
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